Our Consultancy Services


For over 15 years, Ufadhili Trust has conducted research, produced publications and provided technical assistance services to businesses, organizations, communities, and individuals in the area of Social Responsibility/Sustainability. 

  • Responsible and sustainable business practices
    • Stakeholder management and Sustainability Issues management
    • CSR/Corporate Citizenship strategy development and implementation
    • Community engagement and social investment
    • Responsible marketplace strategies
    • Employee engagement and workplace responsibility
    • Environmental stewardship
    • Corporate Governance
    • Inclusive Business and Social Enterprise
  • Business development services and entrepreneurship
  • Value chain development
  • Non-profit resource mobilization and sustainability


  • Development of Sustainability Frameworks for Tambuzi and Equinox flower farms in Kenya, 2020.
  • Development of an Employee Engagement Framework for Safaricom Foundation/ Safaricom PLC (Kenya), 2017.
  • Conducted a study on Corporate Giving in Kenya; Yetu Initiative of the Agakhan Foundation (EA), 2017.
  • Study on Impact of Parental Migration of Children in East Africa: Corporate Social Responsibility Perspectives – Ufadhili Trust and Save the Children, 2015.
  • Study on Social Enterprise (SE) Ecosystem by Danish Industries International Development/ World Bank and Ufadhili Trust, 2015.
  • Trained UNDP(Kenya)/Amkeni WaKenya grantees on resource mobilization and financial sustainability, 2014.
  • Study on Inclusive Growth in the Kenya Vision 2030, reviewing Kenya’s economic development blueprint Vision 2030 and pointed out the gaps of it’s social inclusion in the strategy (2013) for Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES). The key deliverable was the development of a Position Paper.
  • Study on Social Responsibility Risk within the Tea Sector in Kenya with CBI; an Agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands to evaluate the level of Social Responsibility risk within the tea sector in the country using the ISO 26000 Standard, 2013.
  • Development of Child Labour Free Certification (CLFC) Standard for companies in Kenya by Ufadhili Trust and CESVI, 2013.
  • Worked with the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) to undertake study/support salt companies based in Malindi County, along Kenyan Coast, 2012.
  • Study on Inclusive Business in Kenya: Perspectives and opportunities for shared value by Ufadhili Trust and GIZ, 2012.
  • Study on Community Engagement Practices by the Private Sector in Kenya. Ufadhili Trust & WWF Kenya.  
  • Study on Social Enterprise (SE) Ecosystem by Danish Industries International Development/World Bank and Ufadhili Trust.
  • Research on CSR in East Africa which resulted in the development of the CSR Handbook; a reference point for companies on CSR practice.