To volunteer is to contribute one’s time, skills and ideas to fulfill a social need without expecting corresponding financial reward. Ufadhili’s Volunteer programme is guided by the belief that human beings are the most valuable, useful and abundant resource. People and the ideas they generate are the key that unlocks the potential in all other existing resources.

The Programme exists to:

  • Promote the spirit of volunteering and volunteerism as an important catalyst of development
  • Increase the quantity and quality of volunteering in East Africa
  • Advocate for enabling laws and policies that promote volunteerism in East Africa

What we do:

  • Offer training and advise on the effective management of volunteers for:
  • Non-profits or Civil Society Organizations
  • Companies
  • Government

Partner with Volunteer Involving Organizations to:

  • Collate and share information on volunteering
  • Build partnerships and solidarity groups that support volunteerism