In the last decade, the wave of globalisation and its attendant economic reforms have required cutbacks in state spending. This has increasingly left the non-profit organization sector with the burden of delivering social services. Despite the enormous contribution of this sector towards socio-economic development, it remains deeply and unsustainably dependent on foreign resources.

East Africa has numerous resources, most of which are either misused or simply not harnessed effectively. Therefore, this particular programme area focuses on increasing the capacity of Non-profit organizations to mobilise local resources for their work
This programme objective encompasses activities that:
  • Help select NGOs and CBOs through a peer learning process.
  • Provide technical assistance to organisations on prerequisites for effective resource mobilisation.
  • Raise awareness about the potential and necessity for resource mobilisation.
  • Establish linkages with key partners that pursue this mutual objective.
  • Support initiatives that enhance the image and credibility of the NPO sector.
  • Advance volunteerism as part of the national development strategy.
  • Promote discussion, celebration, recognition, and growth of philanthropy and volunteerism in the East African region.
  • Engage professional organisations in discussions on how their staff and membership can volunteer their professional expertise to communities in which they conduct their work.

Community Resource Mobilisation Highlights

Ufadhili Trust has successfully convened regional conferences on Philanthropy and Volunteerism. This includes the 1st ever regional conference on Philanthropy and Volunteerism held at The Kenya School of Monetary Studies in July 2003.


In 2002, Ufadhili hosted the first ever East Africa Community Service Awards to recognise individuals and companies that have excelled in community service in the East African region. Subsequent annual awards have been presented. To date, 45 recipients have been awarded this prestigious award.

Advocacy and Policy Development

Ufadhili was a key collaborator with the Ministry of Gender Culture and Social Services on the development of a National Policy for Social Development. Ufadhili successfully conducted workshops to disseminate the draft policy in the Coast, Central, Eastern and Rift Valley provinces.

Regional Training and Meetings

Ufadhili has been involved in regional trainings and meetings on Community Resource Mobilization, Volunteer Management, Strategic Planning and Effective Communication for Non-profits.

More than 200 organizations have attended trainings organized by Ufadhili. Another 50 some organizations have received direct technical assistance.

Case Studies

Ufadhili conducted a one-day workshop on resource mobilisation and sustainability for the partners of Bernard Van Leer Foundation in Dar-es-Salaam. 30 organizations from East and Southern Africa participated.

Ufadhili convened a task force of volunteer-Involving Organisations (VIOs). The task force was set up to strengthen VIOs and widen the impact of volunteerism in Kenya , Uganda , and Tanzania .